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Welcome to Meal Stacking, a reimagined way to meal planning and meal management!


Founded in January 2021, we've been serving you with honor for the last 2 years and have made some big changes to provide more value to you and your family.


Thank you for being here, we appreciate you!


Through meal stacking, we group ingredients and recipes to accomplish:

  • SIMPLE meal planning

  • Meal inspiration

  • Maximizing Food Use

  • Positive Food Choices

  • Working Within a Budget

  • Reduce kitchen time

  • Simplify meal planning


We believe we can all grow and level up our kitchen game. The reason we want to share this approach to meal planning with you is that we think you will love the benefits/results! We are able to experience new found inspiration in the kitchen, as well as check "done" on the boxes of things that are important to us. 

We are here to help YOU! We want to see you excited to simplify without sacrifice in the kitchen. Here are the two best ways you can stay in touch with us and the meal stacking community:

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Meal Stacking

The Meal Planning Approach


Hi, my name is Ashley and I'm so glad you're here. A little bit about me, my life is FULL. My list includes, and is certainly not limited to, being a stay-at-home-parent of four, wife, being a health-conscious person and seeker of time for fun and adventure. Feeling like I didn't have time to do more of what I love, I started searching for ways to MAKE the time. Not wanting to sacrifice healthy, delicious meals, I experimented with other ways to save time in the kitchen. Through this, meal stacking was born. What we came up with was a completely new way to approach meal planning and it has been life changing in the best ways possible. 


Hi, I’m Nya! (Pronounced knee-ya) I am a stay at home mom of the sweetest little girl (who keeps me on my toes), a wife, a dog mom of 2 and a retired pastry chef turned entrepreneur. And that’s just the ice breaker, lol. I wear MANY hats, like so many do, especially moms! When I think “meal time” I think quick, healthy, simple, YUMMY and most of all, delicious. How could I do all of this and STILL have time to thrive in my busy life? Thus the idea of meal stacking was born though one of our (mine and Ashley’s)  MANY long phone calls. We are SO excited to welcome you, get to know you and share this treasure with you. We hope it changes your life like it’s changed ours. 

Meet Your Team

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